Supplier Scorecard System

  • ClientLoyalty is a centralized, cloud-based, affordable, flexible, ERP-agnostic, shareable and user-friendly supplier scorecard system. The technology captures survey data, 360 feedback, operational data feeds, risk ratings, and social /news sentiment analysis using a credible methodology, Net Promoter System and benchmarks this data to paint a complete picture of relationship health. It brings collaboration, transparency and accountability to supplier performance using data analytics and it is a marked improvement over spreadsheets, ad-hoc surveys and shared drives we see in use today that are highly manual, cumbersome and disparate. Click any term in the graphic below to go to the detailed page about it.

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ClientLoyalty leverages credible methdologies including Net Promoter System (NPS), Six Sigma, Predictive Analytics and Benchmarking to highlight relationships that are at risk of failure, poised for growth or misaligned between partners.