Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) management relies on external partnerships as much or more than other business functions. ClientLoyalty delivers a management platform. Beyond “scoring” the performance of a vendor, our system establishes standards for communications, including progress reporting, problem resolution, performance updates, etc. More than providing a shared management framework, ClientLoyalty creates an information solicitation and feedback loop for IT management, their vendors and served user communities.


Here are example areas in IT (below) where ClientLoyalty software delivers benefits:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Telephony
  • IT Support


ClientLoyalty delivers IT managers a platform to manage internal and external communications, whether limited to a project context, an outsourced business process partner, a specialized supplier group or an internal department. By centralizing and standardizing its approach, the following benefits are more fully realized:

  • Reduced risk
  • Increased accountability
  • Focused continuous improvement discipline

ClientLoyalty’s data model is exhaustive yet flexible. It is based on four data types:

  • Performance – operational data (KPIs) (ex. Benefits cost per employee)
  • Experience – 360 feedback data
  • Reputation – social and news sentiment
  • Risk – supplier risk and control environment


ClientLoyalty centralizes, standardizes and automates core performance management processes. The system allows workflows to be configured and automated to ensure that time sensitive tasks –especially important in the IT realm– are given appropriate priority and effectively executed. Benefits include:

  • Increased compliance
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced duplication of tasks
  • Document management – tag and store critical documents (NDA, COI, notes, etc)
  • Contact management – identify and tag critical internal and partner contacts
  • Contract details – create standardized tags to identify contracts in and out of compliance
  • Spend management – upload actual to budget spend and identify areas of over/under

Let’s Talk:

ClientLoyalty dramatically improves the SPM process. It is transformative. The spreadsheets, ad hoc survey tools and shared drives that we replace are no match for the disciplined, continuous improvement process we deliver. Contact us so we can talk further about your needs.

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