ClientLoyalty Professional Services

Clientloyalty has a team of experts with knowledge in supplier performance management, and the supporting processes. Our team can help you take your supplier performance management capabilities to the next level.

Key Performance Indicators Design:

Let our team review and or help create a balanced set of KPI’s to ensure your ability to manage improvement. The right set of KPI’s create accountability and keep everyone positively focused.

Supplier Performance Management Strategy:

Let our team create the blueprint. We begin by accessing your current processes using diagnostics and interview techniques we have learned along the way. We identify the ideal scorecard attributes, and define the associated processes for collecting, processing, analyzing and reporting results.

Survey Design:

Let our team review and or help create powerful survey’s that blend the right numbers and types of questions to optimize response rates and simplify analyses. Well-designed surveys (e.i voice of customer, voice of supplier) will pay valuable and ongoing dividends.

Supplier Performance Management Diagnostic:

Let our team help identify and prioritize areas of improvement in your current supplier management process. Supplier management is a process and when it functions as designed it can save organizations 10% or more in hard dollar costs and add even more value in the intangible benefits accruing from smarter, better supplier management. We perform a 15-point check-up that successfully diagnosis your current state so that we can make targeted recommendations.

Supplier Relationship Management Workshop:

Let our team share our expertise and experiences in supplier relationship management with your team. This workshop covers core processes for supplier managers to focus their time and attention including change management, supplier on-boarding, project management, risk management and performance management. This half-day session is interactive with exercises for each topic so participants can fully engage in the content and learn from others.

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