February 24, 2017

Help with Supplier KPIs? Assistance with Quantifying Supplier Impact? Learn how with these webinars.

If you manage strategic suppliers consider attending these free webinars to generate creative insights to improve your supplier management acumen and generate more value from suppliers.

March 8, 2017, 11am Central Time:

Quantifying the Financial Impact of Improved Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Performance Management (SPM) is a critical process to mitigate risk, ensure quality, control costs, and sustain positive, collaborative relationships with suppliers. This webinar will share ways to quantify in dollars, the benefits to your entity over a three-year period if it makes upgrades to its current supplier management process.  Additionally, the webinar will provide insights into building the business case for improving your supplier management process.  Finally, specific tools will be reviewed and made available to assist you in quantifying the benefits of SPM and building your SPM business case.

Register at https://join.onstreammedia.com/register/clientloyalty/gxxpdwm

April 5, 2017, 11am Central Time:

How to Build Measurable and Sustainable Supplier KPIs

This webinar will share practices to use when designing  key performance indicators (KPIs) for suppliers that are going to be measurable and sustainable.  The webinar will answer the following questions:  How do I design KPIs that create accountability with my supplier?  How many KPIs should I have for my supplier?  What types of KPIs should I have with my supplier?  How do I establish goals for my KPIs?  When and how often do I measure KPIs?  Who is responsible for KPIs?  How do I best collect KPI data?    What do I do with KPI data once I have the results?  KPIs are important to effective supplier performance management and building a positive supplier relationship.  Ensuring KPIs are set up for success will bring about a culture of empowerment and accountability in the supplier relationship.

Register at https://join.onstreammedia.com/register/clientloyalty/vvfhqz0

*note the above webinar is a repeat of our February webinar and is being brought back due to popular demand*


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