Benefits Estimator

Supplier Performance Management (SPM) is a critical process to mitigate risk, ensure quality, control costs, and sustain positive, collaborative relationships with suppliers. This Benefits Estimator will quantify in dollars, the benefits to your entity over a three-year period and provide a break down of the major components of these benefits. The brief survey takes under five minutes to complete and will significantly assist your organization in building the business case to improve your SPM process. Quantify your future benefits through improved supplier performance management by completing this insightful exercise.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and for the business segment/unit you wish to evaluate.  For example, if your company has $1b in total revenue and the business unit you wish to evaluate is responsible for $100MM then please enter $100MM for the revenue.  Please respond to each question in this manner. Please enter all data in millions (ex. if total revenue is five billion dollars or $5,000,000,000 please enter as 5000 so it is in millions of dollars.

What is the annual revenue of the company or business unit you wish to measure (in millions of USD)? *
How would you describe the current supplier performance management (SPM) practices of the company or business unit? *
Roughly how many suppliers make up the top 10% of your spend / cost?
How often do you measure performance of your strategic suppliers? *
Approximately how many category or supplier managers are in the company or Business Unit? *
What % of the time are the category or supplier managers engaged in Supplier Performance Management or supplier monitoring activities?
What is the estimated contract value of the category or portfolio for each supplier/category manager (in millions of USD)?
How much is your category or business unit expected to save during the upcoming year (in millions of USD)?
Approximately how many suppliers have you replaced due to poor performance in the last year?
About how long does it take your organization to identify a poorly performing supplier? *
Over the past year, roughly what % of your business in terms of revenue impacted was disrupted due to poor quality of goods/services? *
How frequently do you research news about your suppliers? *
How many systems / data feeds contain pertinent supplier data you'd like to evaluate?
Are you familiar with the Net Promoter concept?
How likely is your organization to recommend your top 10% of suppliers to a peer?
How strategic is better supplier management to your business? *

Annual Benefit
  Goods / Services Productivity Revenue Total Cumulative
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
For further reading on the business case for supplier performance management please go here.
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